Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Say Cheese!

We are now convinced that Taylor's smiles are for real, not just a bit of indigestion. :) Especially right after he eats, he is just Mr. Smiley. It is so fun to watch his whole face light up! He has these little dimples under his eyes when he smiles really big, and usually he has a big open mouth as well. The lights and music from his bouncy chair seem to have brought out the most smiles recently. But he also likes it when I kiss his cheeks. Our little guy is growing up! 6 weeks today in fact. I can't believe it. Time is just flying. Before we know it he'll be rolling over, and we'll wonder where the time went. Anyway, here is Mr. Smiley himself.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Will Survive

The dreaded day has arrived. I have returned to work. Monday was my first night back, and it came with many tears. My little baby had not even turned 5 weeks, and I had to leave him! I got many hugs and words of encouragement from my co-workers, which was nice. My mom (Taylor's Nana) was with him from when I left till midnight, then Jason came home from work and did the rest of the evening feedings. Thankfully work was busy, so it kept me distracted. But I did call home a few times to check in and just hear his breathing. Dad did a great job on his first night doing all the feedings. I came home and found Taylor asleep on Jason's chest and Jason crashed out. So I crawled into bed and joined the party. I was glad to only be scheduled for Monday night, and didn't have to be back till Thursday and Friday night, so Taylor and I had a few days to catch up on our cuddling. It was hard to leave him again tonight, but a little easier than the first time. Hopefully each time will get easier. And I'm glad that Jason and Taylor can have their bonding time together. I think I will survive my return to work.

Friday, August 10, 2007

1 Month Old!

I can't believe Taylor is 1 month old! The time has just flown. Every morning Jason and I look at him and are convinced he grew overnight. I measured him today and he is 22 inches long, 3 more than when he was born. He is so much more alert, and will give us an occasional smile (which is probably just a gas bubble, but we like to think its because of something we did). He loves baths, and likes reading books. We are just having a blast with him, and are enjoying every single moment of parenthood.

Well, we just got back from a week in San Diego, and what a crazy week it was. The first few days were filled with activities for my younger sister Mary's wedding. First off, the line for airport security was longer than we planned, and we nearly missed the plane. We made a run for it, and just barely made it to the gate in time. Thankfully, Taylor was an angel the whole flight. I joined in for a little bit of the bachelorette party Thursday night while Taylor hung out with Jason. Then Friday it was brunch with the bridesmaids, rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner. The running around was getting to Taylor, and he threw a bit of a fit at the dinner. We ended up having to leave early, and of course he crashed on the way home. Because we'd been late to every wedding activity, I made sure to get a head start on Saturday. Up at 7:30, I started packing the bags and laying out everything we'd need. Miraculously, we made it on time! The wedding was great, and almost everything went smoothly. Other than the bride tearing her train on the way down the isle, communion left in the paper bag and juice can, and the bells not tolling as the bride and groom walked down the isle, all was perfect. Taylor slept through the whole thing in the front row with Jason. At the reception, he crashed after a bottle and didn't wake up till the night was almost over. We got a dance in as a three some, ate some cake, toasted the bride and groom, and sent them on their way to Bora Bora. All in all, it was a wonderful wedding, and Mary couldn't have looked more beautiful.

Sunday through Wednesday we made the rounds all over San Diego visiting family and friends. Taylor did well, as long as he was fed on time. :) But he had a great time getting to know his "cousins" Evan and Abbey, playing at Mission Bay, meeting great-grandma and grandpa, going to dessert, and playing at the pool. By Wednesday we were wiped out, but very sad to be leaving everyone in San Diego. We did miss our flight on the way home, so we spent a few hours in the airport. Boy is it hard to be on time when you have a baby! Anyway, we are home now and trying to get adjusted back to life in Seattle. Most of our time has been spent in bed trying to catch up on sleep, but we've been able to get a little unpacking done. So, here's a few pictures of our time in San Diego.

The boys

Taylor and Uncle Rob

Crashed out at the wedding

Taylor with Aunt Mary

Chillin' at the pool

Jason with Evan and Matt
Me and Taylor relaxing in the shade

Taylor with Great-Grandma and Grandpa Riley

The whole gang at Extraordinary Desserts

The boys in their matching hats

Lounging in the tub

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Splish Splash, Taylor's Taking A Bath!

Here's a few bath picts of our little man. We are headed out to San Diego this morning for a week, so these picts will have to tide everyone over till then. But I'm sure we'll have lots of great photos to share when we get back. And to everyone in San Diego, here we come!!!