Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Will Survive

The dreaded day has arrived. I have returned to work. Monday was my first night back, and it came with many tears. My little baby had not even turned 5 weeks, and I had to leave him! I got many hugs and words of encouragement from my co-workers, which was nice. My mom (Taylor's Nana) was with him from when I left till midnight, then Jason came home from work and did the rest of the evening feedings. Thankfully work was busy, so it kept me distracted. But I did call home a few times to check in and just hear his breathing. Dad did a great job on his first night doing all the feedings. I came home and found Taylor asleep on Jason's chest and Jason crashed out. So I crawled into bed and joined the party. I was glad to only be scheduled for Monday night, and didn't have to be back till Thursday and Friday night, so Taylor and I had a few days to catch up on our cuddling. It was hard to leave him again tonight, but a little easier than the first time. Hopefully each time will get easier. And I'm glad that Jason and Taylor can have their bonding time together. I think I will survive my return to work.