Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Surprise

I will just start out by saying that my husband is the greatest. I love that he is always surprising me. He puts lots of thought into plans, and thinks hard about what I will like best. All that to say, I had an awesome birthday.

I had worked the night before, and Jason told me the next day he would have me sleep at my parent's house. I found out two days before that it was because he was getting the carpets cleaned (not because he was planning a surprise party, phew!). I slept some that morning of my birthday, then played with Taylor till Jason got there to pick me up.

My first surprise was a hot stone massage at a place on the Sammamish Plateau. They had nice robes to change into, then I had a foot soak. After that I was brought to the massage room. The table was super soft and had a heating pad under it, which I love because I hate being cold during a massage. Then the covers were thick and heavy. I could have just fallen asleep on the table without a massage! The hot stone massage was fabulous. The lady put the flat stones in the palm of her hand and would use those to massage. At first I couldn't even tell she was holding the stones, but I thought her hands were abnormally warm! The best part was that it was 90 minutes instead of the standard 55. When I walked out of the place, Jason laughed at me because my hair was sticking up and I looked half asleep. I called it relaxed. It was heaven!

Then Jason asked me if I could just do my makeup in the car because we were going to be late for our dinner reservations. When I said ok, he said that he wanted to swing by the house to get the camera first. I suggested I put my makeup on there because it would be easier, but he really wanted me to do it before then. So what did we do? Sit in the parking lot of the Starbucks drinking coffee while I put on my makeup. I was praying at this point that he really hadn't planned a surprise party at the house, because I knew something was going on at there.

When we arrived, I didn't see a bunch of cars, but I still knew there was something inside. As we came up the stairs, I heard banging in the kitchen. What I saw when I got to the second floor made me so happy. A chef cooking for us dinner in our kitchen! The dining room table was all set with flowers and wine. There was romantic music playing and the fireplace was on. Perfect! I couldn't have asked for a better dinner setting: the comfort of my home minus Taylor.

Chef Jay of Canape served us a fabulous dinner, four courses, and at the pace we wanted to eat. I hate it at restaurants when they rush your food so much that your entree gets piled on top of your salad and appetizer, and you feel pressured to eat fast. This was totally opposite. When he would present the next course, he would explain the dish and ingredients. He is so creative, that he had one ingredient that would carry over to the following dish, all through the four courses. He worked well with the suggestions that Jason had given him as well, putting his own spin on things. He was so friendly and personable as well, making it totally comfortable having him in our home. I would totally recommend him to anyone! Well done Jason, well done!

After dinner, we headed over to our friend's who have a movie theater in their home. We sat in the big comfy chairs and watched Australia, all in our own personal theater. No sticky floors there, though popcorn was included. It was a great end to an already fabulous evening. So relaxing, and so intimate. Nice not having to share your birthday with an entire restaurant full of people, or get coke spilled on you in a movie theater. Thank you Jason! You truly are the best.