Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We took Taylor to his (and Jason's) first real pumpkin patch experience. And what I mean by real is that it was not set up in a parking lot by the mall like in San Diego. It was at a real farm out in the country, and there was lots of mud, and rain, and fall leaves. We had a blast taking the hay ride out to the fields, picking a pumpkin off the vine, and carting it back to the farm where we washed it and weighed it. They had a pumpkin launcher, which was fun to watch them send a pumpkin flying through the air way out into a field. Then on the top floor of the barn, there was a hay bale maze. I think it was meant for kids because the maze was not very high, so Jason and I cheated our way through. It was a wonderful day as a family full of memories and muddy shoes.