Saturday, October 6, 2007

Do The Puyallup

Fair, that is. For those who are not from Seattle, this fair is one of the biggest events of the summer. You've got to get there very early in the morning to avoid the 2 hour traffic jam trying to get in later in the day. For 3 weeks in September, the fair grounds are busting with food booths (Fisher Scones are seriously to die for), barns full of animals, rides, and a pavilion with people selling stuff from blenders, to massagers, to toy helicopters. When I was in high school they used to take the whole school to the fair every year, so I hadn't been since then and was very excited to go back and introduce Jason and Taylor to the Puyallup. My first line of business: find a Fisher Scone. I love these warm buttery pieces of heaven so much that a friend from college, who was also from the Seattle area and loved the fair as I do, brought me back a dozen when he went home to do the Puyallup a few years back. Oh, it was so good, even better than I remembered. We then went wardering through the barns full of horses, cows, pigs, and bunnies. Taylor had fun looking at all the big animals, at least when he was awake. He was such a good boy and took a few naps on the stroller. We watched the Clydsdale horse show, which was very cool. They also had a Dock Dogs competition, where owners try to get their dogs to jump the furthest off a dock into a big pool. Some jumped in very willingly, others where not about to get in. And a fair favorite: Muttin' Bustin'. This event entails little kids getting placed on the back of a sheep, which is then released from the pin and the kids have to hold on for as long as possible. Some are lucky to make it 2 seconds, while others crash and burn right at the beginning of the ride. Taylor get ready. Next year it is all you. Other than that we just wandered and ate lots of bad food. Oh, small world, I ran into the friend from college who had brought me the scones (who still lives in San Diego, but was up with a bunch of friends who came to go to the fair). So good to see you John Paul and Sammer! Ok, now Taylor wants to tell you about it in his own words.

"Mommy, I'm trying to eat here and you're getting scone crumbs in my ear!"

"Hey, if its so good, can I have a bite?"

"Just call me T-Dawg"
"Daddy, why do those horsies have bows and braids in their manes?"