Thursday, September 20, 2007

2 Month Photoshoot

For Taylor's 2 month pictures, I decided to take him to JC Penney. I heard they were pretty good for the price, and I want to capture each age as he grow (because he is changing so fast!). They said come a little early, have him well rested and fed, and ready to go. My appointment was at 10:40 (they opened at 10), so I got there early, fed him, and changed him. Well, they didn't call us in until 11:10, so by that point Taylor was asleep! So I had to jiggle him awake and try to get him perky looking for his pictures. The photographer had me sit to the side of him and hold him from behind so he wouldn't fall over. Then to make him smile, she started making these possessed tropical bird noises and sneezing loudly in his face. He just looked at her like she was from another planet, as she kept clicking pictures. I was getting frustrated because those weren't the kind of pictures I wanted. I wanted ones of his precious smile! So I tried to lean in and get him to smile. But then the lady said, "Back up, you're blocking the light!". Ooh, I was mad, but non confrontational me did nothing. I also wanted to incorporate his little lovey blanket, but she just ignored me when I told her. She finally got some smiles out of him, but I was not a happy camper. She also made me get in some pictures (which I was not planning on), so I had no makeup and a big puffy sweatshirt on. When it was over I was ready to go home because I had to work that night, but they told me I had to stay around and view them that day. Oh, and that they wouldn't be ready for 30 minutes. When it came time to view them, it was this high pressure, try to sell me on everything event. I just wanted to push the guy away from the computer and tell home to let me look at them on my own. Along with non confrontational, I'm also indecisive, so it took me a long time to figure out which ones I wanted. All the while the guy kept looking at his watch and trying to rush me. When it was all over and we were ready to check out, the price was not what I was thinking it would be. "Oh," he said, "The ones we enhanced in black and white or sepia are $15 a sheet, not $4". So you wait till we are checking out to tell me this!!!!! Grrrr! Thankfully some of the pictures turned out, but I will not be gracing my presence at JC Penney Portraits again.