Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Get Away Weekend

For our anniversary, Jason surprised me with a weekend away. Friday morning we headed south, and ended up in Portland, Oregon. When I realized where we were going, I suggested that we stop by to see my old college friends Katie and Bobby so they could meet Taylor. He said, "We'll play it by ear". We checked in to the hotel, got changed, and headed to a restaurant next door. When I walked through the door, there stood Katie and Bobby! What a surprise! Jason is such a great husband. He thinks of everything. So we had a wonderful dinner catching up and passing Taylor around. Then after we went back to the hotel, the boys playing a game of pool while Katie and I chatted. We parted with plans to see them again Sunday for a BBQ at their house.

Saturday was a day of relaxation. We slept in, then went and had a delicious breakfast at a local specialty bakery and bistro. Taylor was a little angel and slept through the whole thing. Then we took a little trip to the hotel's pool, where Taylor went swimming for the first time. Well, not really swimming,but slowly introduced to the water. He had gotten some cute little swim trunks, so we had to use them before he outgrew them. The water was a bit cool, and the pool was half indoors and half outdoors, so we just stuck his lower half, feet, and hands in. He didn't cry, but he didn't look super happy either. It was a good start. Hopefully next time the water will be warmer, because he is loves his bath so I'm sure he is going to loves the water just like his dad does.

Saturday night we had a fabulous dinner at The Chart House. It is up on the hillside above Portland, and has an amazing view of downtown and the river. We arrived early, so we got very nice window seats. Taylor fell asleep on the way there and slept the whole way through dinner. It was nice to have a little time just the two of us to talk, remember our wedding day, and make goals for the next year.

Then on Sunday we got to see Katie and Bobby again, and their new house for the first time! Bobby whipped up some awesome burgers, and we had a great time playing with Taylor and chatting.

It was so much fun that it was hard to leave. But alas, we had to return home for another busy week. It was a terrific weekend, and I have a wonderful husband who loves to surprise me to thank for it.