Monday, September 10, 2007

2 Months Old!

Taylor is 2 months old today! If only I could freeze time so I could enjoy this age for a little longer. He is just so much fun right now, with his big smiles and the beginnings of a laugh. It usually comes in the form of a high pitched sucking in of air. And he loves to just look around and take in the world around him. Plus, he is sleeping well at night, which I hear from other moms goes away at about 4 months.

He went to see the pediatrician last Friday for his check up and shots. He is now a whopping 11 pounds, 4 ounces! 45 percentile. Nice and average. :) He made sure to impress the nurse with his impression of a fountain as he was getting weighed, and then had to show off to the doctor how great of a pooper he is by having a massive blowout when she was examining him (thankfully the diaper was back on at that point). She gave him the all clear, saying he looked fabulous and healthy. Then it was on to the shots. I fed him a little before and gave him Tylenol to make him feel better. Once in the room, Jason held his arms, and I gave him kisses. The lady went really fast, but Taylor was not a happy camper. He got this shocked look on his face, then turned bright red. It took a few seconds for sound to come out, but eventually the screaming cry reached our ears. I have given many shots in my days as a nurse, but this was so much harder to watch. It broke my heart to see him hurt so much. After it was over I scooped him up quickly and gave him a big hug and lots of kisses. He stopped crying pretty quickly, then just clung to me and fell asleep. 5 hours later he woke up from his nap screaming, and nothing helped, not even eating which is usually the cure all. After some walking and bouncing, and another dose of Tylenol, he calmed down. The rest of the weekend he just needed extra cuddling around sleep time, but other than that was back to his normal smiley self.

Taylor and I went to check out the Issaquah Farmer's Market on Saturday while Jason was at work. It was fun to wander between all the booths and see the beautiful flowers and produce. I kicked myself for not bringing cash, because they had huge bouquets of flowers for only $5! Next time I will be smarter. But then we went for a little walk and Taylor slept. It was a beautiful day, so it was nice to just soak up the sun and walk through the trees. I can't believe summer is almost over. I feel like we need to enjoy every last sunny day to the fullest before they disappear into dark winter days. But lets not think about that yet. :)