Monday, May 19, 2008

Heat wave #2

Well, we keep getting teased with summer weather up here. This time it lasted 3 days! Friday was in the high 90's, Saturday the high 80's, and Sunday the low 80's. We had all these great plans going into the weekend because we both had Friday through Sunday off, so we were going to play at the lake, soak up the sun, and go to the Padres vs Mariners baseball game on Sunday. I got off work Friday morning and was just exhausted, and my dear husband wanted me to sleep in a nice cool room, so he pulled out the window air conditioner. I helped bring it in from the garage, but then he carried it up the 2 flights of stairs by himself, and this thing is super heavy! I went to sleep, then two hours later Jason woke me up and told me he had thrown his back out and that I had to take Taylor. Fabulous. So our fun filled weekend consisted of icing Jason's back, watching a lot of TV in our sweltering house (because all he could do was lay flat on his back), and snacking on a lot of bad food. Taylor was hot and going stir crazy, so I dragged his baby bath tub out and put it on the front lawn. He enjoyed splashing around in the water, and letting the water run from the hose onto his feet. I was excited to try on his little swim trunks that he got last year when he was born (they were 12 month size). He looked so cute in them! Some how we survived the weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy the next nice weekend, whenever it may come.

*Note how many times something is in his mouth. Yes, pretty much all the time. Toys, his hands, and he even tried some of the beauty bark. Yum!