Thursday, May 29, 2008

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

For my mom's mother's day gift, Taylor and I treated her to a day at the Seattle Aquarium, just the three of us. It was Taylor's first time, and I couldn't recall a time after elementary school that I had been there. A lot has changed since then. We had fun touching the sea stars in the tide pool exhibit, watching the jelly fish swim round and round is a circular tank, and seeing all the colorful tropical fish. Taylor had a blast, stopping to clap often when he thought something was really great. He especially enjoyed all the walking around we did. He loves to walk, with two hands helping him of course. We ended the journey with the seal, sea lions, and otters. By that time Taylor was getting tired and not very thrilled about posing for pictures on the big carved otter. After one last look and the Window on Washington Waters, we headed down along the waterfront to get some dinner. By the time we had pulled up to a table, Taylor was asleep in the stroller. It was a fun first visit for him, and a great hangout with Nana.