Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Little Gym

We thought we'd give Kindermusic a rest for a little bit and try a different class with Taylor. Jason thought a gym class would be fun, so we signed him and Taylor up for a Little Gym class on Saturday mornings. It will be great because I usually work Friday nights, so it will give them something to do together in the morning when I'm sleeping.

The first week Taylor had a great time, rolling on the mats, catching bubbles, and hanging from the bars. What he enjoyed the most was shooting balls into the little hoop, laughing when Jason would dunk them in. He loved it so much we decided to get him one for his birthday. (shhh, it's a secret). This last weekend I got to go since I'm on vacation (and lovin' every minute of it), so I took some pictures of the two of them.

Hanging out with the boys

Bouncing a ball with daddy

Mr. Mohawk

Laughing at daddy's shooting

Slam dunk for Taylor

Our little monkey

Mesmerized by bubbles

Mighty Duke of York

Stamp "tattoo" at the end of class