Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sick baby

Tuesday night Jason called me at work to tell me Taylor had woken up and thrown up everywhere. He has done this twice before a while ago, but only after we had given him egg (which he has not had since). We thought maybe it was something he ate and did bland stuff the next day. By the afternoon he was running around like himself. Wednesday night, however, same thing. I was home so I tried to deal with it as much as possible and let Jason sleep. I was downstairs trying to rock him to sleep for 4 hours. Long night. Next night, same thing. By this point I've figured it probably wasn't something he ate but maybe a virus. He would still eat during the day (Banana Rice Applesauce Toast Yogurt), and drink a ton of water (doesn't like juice). I started mixing Pedialyte into his milk so he would get some electrolyte replacement. The puzzling thing was that he would only throw up in the middle of the night, and right about the same time. He had milk in the morning and before nap, but no throwing up then. I finally took him to the doctor Saturday because I wanted a second opinion and to make sure they didn't think he was getting dehydrated. Also he had developed a rash on him tummy. After the family practitioner sat there and thought about it for a good 5 minutes, he said he thought it was just a virus. Duh! I really spent $10 for someone to tell me what I already knew! He then suggested to cut milk out and see if that helped. I wasn't sure how that would go over because Taylor LOVES his milk and will not drink watered down juice. So that afternoon for his nap I did part water, part apple juice, part Pedialyte. Miracle upon miracles he drank it warmed up and in a bottle while rocking to sleep. That night, no throwing up! I was so thrilled to not have to scrub sheets and pj's and do laundry in the middle of the night, and Jason was so happy to not be thrown up on for a 5th night in a row. We all slept great. Poor Taylor had a few rough nights and slept a ton during the day, but in the afternoon he was always happy to get out and do something fun. What a trooper. Now I think we have a new molar working its way in. Long nights, here we come!