Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Loves Disco

Yesterday we tried out a new activity as a family. It is called Baby Loves Disco. They have them in lots of cities all over the US. What they do is open a dance club once a month from 1-4pm. It is open to children from 0-7 and their parents. They have 70's and 80's music playing, a DJ mixing the tunes, lights, balloons, bubble blowers, and a side play room where you can go and cool off after you've been dancing the afternoon away. Our friends Jacqui and Phil were taking their son Hayden for the Halloween themed one, so we thought we'd try it out also.
Taylor is a shark for Halloween this year, and I really wanted to get in the spirit and dress up as a family. I thought it'd be funny to have Jason as a surfer with a shark bite out of his board and I could be a lifeguard. However Jason wasn't quite in the spirit, so I took over as the surfer and constructed a smaller version surf board so it would be easier to carry around. Unfortunately, not many parents dressed up, so i felt a bit funny. Oh well, at least I stayed cool in my board shorts and t-shirt because the place was hot! It was so packed when we first got there that Taylor would not be put down for a second. I can't blame him because on the ground all he would be able to see was knees. So we held him and took turns dancing around and popping bubbles. There were some great other costumes. One baby was a pizza, one family came as the Royal Tenanbalms, and then there were a bunch of little girl lady bugs. We stopped for snacks and watched the action from higher ground, where Taylor and Hayden would actually get down and run around. Then he ventured back out toward the dance floor as the crowds thinned. It was fun and we got some great pictures, but it probably would have been a little better if they had the middle of the floor open for kids and the parents could be around the perimeter, just so it wasn't so overwhelming for the little ones.

After that we kept the party going by heading to the Issaquah Highlands Fall Festival. They had a hay bale maze, pony rides, inflatable, and I think a haunted house. We let Taylor just roam for a bit, which he enjoyed. Then he took a ride on a pony (hesitant at first, then was smiling and laughing), had a couple small bites of popcorn, petted some bunnies and visited with friends. Then it was to Jacqui and Phil's for a spaghetti dinner. It is so fun to watch the boys play together and remember when they were babies and would just lay next to each other. My how they are growing up.

Well, with all the celebrating we already did, it feels like it all should be over, but there is still 5 more days till the actually thing. If Taylor gets a good nap and Jason gets home from work on time on the 31st, we'll probably go to Overlake Christian Church (where I grew up) and enjoy the festivities there. Nana will be helping out with the puppets, so we'll check her out in action.