Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving: The Condensed Version

Since I'm actually writing this much after Thanksgiving, I'm going to keep it short and sweet, mostly because I can't quite remember everything. Here we go!

Wednesday: Took Taylor to JCPenney for second time ever to get early Christmas picts. Taylor-nap+annoying new girl that looked at me making faces and not at Taylor to take picts+freaked out Taylor crying hysterically=5 semi ok shots to choose from and 1 frustrated me.

Thursday: Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Luellen, Uncle Doug, & cousin Cassie's house. Taylor liked stuffing. Mary and Rob showed up around dessert from San Diego. Played Wii bowling. Taylor imitated us playing Wii bowling. Went home with nice full belly.

Friday: Worked that night, so stuck around house during day and took a nap.

Saturday: Slept in the AM, then met up with family (now also Sarah and Mark in from OC) at real bowling alley. Rocked the first round, scoring 156 and beating everyone. Chased Taylor around the arcade. Went back to mom & dad's for dinner. Had to leave before the party was over to put Taylor to bed.

Sunday: Church, nap, then made dinner for everyone at my parents house (our house can't hold many people at one time). BBQ's a fabulous pork loin. Enjoyed time with my sisters. Then went home to life as normal.