Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Nana!

Last weekend was my mom (Taylor's Nana's) birthday. To celebrate, we all met up at the bowling alley and bowled a few games. My dad and Jason tied the first, then I snuck in and won the second. Taylor was really into all the lights and action, and didn't mind constantly getting passed between everyone.

After bowling, we went back to my parent's house, where we had Frankie's Pizza (yum), opened presents, and had a tasty strawberry and creme dessert. Taylor got his Nana baby daffodils and a baby Happy Birthday balloon. I had discovered a glass blowing place in Redmond, so we got her a blown glass bowl that had a lot of the colors from their living room. Overall it was a great day celebrating my moms....birthday (I won't disclose the number, but she said she can now order from the senior menu). Don't worry mom, you don't look a day over 35. :)