Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taylor Guitars

A good friend from college, Steven Potter, works for Taylor Guitars, and when Taylor was born he sent one of the company's onesies for him. Well, Taylor can now fit in it, and it is one of my favorite onesies. First because it has his name on it, and second because it is made by a company that creates music and I have a strong feeling that Taylor is going to be very musical some day. I keep trying to decide which instrument he'll want to play. He loves to bang different things together and listen to the sounds they make. I also help him drum out songs sometimes, so maybe he'll be a drummer. He also loves to pound on my parent's piano. He gets really into it, standing on the bench and using his whole body weight to press down on the keys. He has a little one at home, too, that he enjoys plunking away on. And then, of course, he just may decide on a Taylor guitar someday. :) The shirt came in handy the other day at our music class because the teacher always forgets his name (and no one else!), so now she can always think "Taylor like the guitar". Thanks again, Steve! We love it!