Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My BOB Miracle

As the days have finally started getting a little nicer, Taylor and I have been able to get out on more walks. Really needing to get back in shape, I've been trying to start running again. It is difficult to find the time, though, in between work, sleep, cleaning, and being home with Taylor. So I'd started looking at jogger strollers. I'd done a bit of research and found out that BOB strollers are one of the best out there. However, you have to put back about $400 to purchase one of those. Other brands I looked at just seemed kind of cheap. I looked on Craigslist to see what I could find, and if there was a BOB it would be gone is a matter or minutes and usually still for over $250. We wandered into REI for something for Jason and I thought I'd just check them out for kicks and giggles. They are really nice strollers, and I found myself justifying spending $370 for a stroller. I figured that my birthday was coming up, so I could use birthday money toward it. Then I came to my senses, knowing that was just way too much money. Ooh, I wanted it so bad!

A few days later, I was in there again to pick something up and found myself wandering over to the stroller section yet again. I thought I'd just talk with one of the store employees about the different strollers. The man was very helpful, answering my questions and explaining about the 2 types they had (he raved about the BOB and said he had one for his kids when the BOBs first came out and loved it). He asked what I was going to be using it for, since the new models have a front wheel that swivels so it is easier to take to the mall and stuff or will lock as well if you are going to run with it. I said mainly running, to which he thought the Ironman model would be best because the front wheel is stationary and larger to absorb more bounce. He was going to go check out what they had in stock after I hesitantly said ok because I already knew I couldn't afford to get one. On his way to the back he passed a box out of the floor. "Oh, what is this? Here's an Ironman. Hmm, this is an '06 model. Let me go see how much they are selling this for. Someone must have had it sitting in there garage for a couple years and just returned it". Want to take a guess. After his eyes popped as he looked at the price and asked me to guess, I said "$100?". Nope. $50. $50!!!!! This jogger was still in the box and had never been removed. It still had all the plastic and styrofoam on it. In 2006, it went for about $350, and now 2 year old but exactly the same as the 2008 Ironmans and never been touched, it was $50!!! I couldn't believe it. I bought that thing so fast, I didn't even have to think about it. What a miracle! Happy Birthday to me!

Now Taylor joins me on my attempts to get back into shape, as we jog around Sammamish, him comfortably bouncing along in his seat. Every time I use it, I'm reminded of that miracle. How God took my desire for something I thought was frivolous and made it happen in a way only He could do. It's times like these where I hear Him say, "Yes, I care about all your wants and needs, even the little stuff".