Saturday, May 23, 2009

Night at the Ballpark

Last night we joined a bunch of my co-workers at Safeco Field for a night of baseball. They'd bought a handful of tickets so we could cheer on our nursing colleague Makayla, who was throwing out the first pitch for UW Medical Center night. Not only does she work there, but she also used to be a patient in our NICU. So we all came to give her some encouragement and to enjoy an evening of America's favorite past time.
It was also Taylor's first baseball game, so that was fun. He was all geared up in his baseball hat and full of hot dog (we bought $1.50 dogs from Costco on the way there, of which he ate almost a whole one by himself!). We were in the nosebleed section, but he still had a great time looking at all the excitement going on around him. He kept pointing to the Safeco Field sign directly across from us and saying "D!". (It is his favorite letter and can find it anywhere.) We got in on the wave together, which he thought was funny. He gave such sad puppy dog eyes to the guy behind us that he shared his kettle corn with Taylor. I swear, this kid begs for food like no other. Toward the end, Taylor took a turn holding one of the signs people had made to get us on the big screen. The local channel that plays all the Mariner games is FSN, so they had signs that said "Foxy, Sexy, Nurses at UWMC NICU", or on a more sober note "Fighting to Save Newborns at UWMC NICU". Taylor looked pretty convincing holding that sign, making a cute little face. Half way through the 6th inning we called it quits because Taylor was starting to get antsy, and it was already passed bedtime. The game ended up going 12 innings, so it was probably good we left when we did.