Friday, January 25, 2008


Yesterday Taylor, Jason and I headed downtown for the Seattle Boat Show. Since we are boat owners (though our boat is currently out of service) and boating lovers, we thought we'd go see the latest and greatest in boating styles. We got there about 1pm and wandered in and out of many boats till about 7:30pm. Time flies when you're having fun! Some of the yachts were amazing, though we were too late to go down to Lake Union to see the GIANT yachts. They had boats in all sizes, even one just right for Taylor. As you'll see in the picture below, he just instinctively grabbed the steering wheel and started driving the boat. I think it is in his genes. As we wandered around the big boats, he oohed and aahed as if he were so excited. We were hoping his cute little face would get us a great deal on a new boat, but no such luck. We are banking on some luck to win a free boat, though. Jason kicked a field goal from the 8 yard line (the show was held at Qwest Field), and so we now have a chance of winning a free boat. We'll see! Overall, it was a great day together as a family.