Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy New Year! 2008 has arrived, and still no flying cars to be seen. I was lucky enough to get New Years Eve off work, and Jason worked that morning, so we decided to make the most of it and go celebrate. We were invited by our friends Allen and Sandy to go out on Allen's sister's boat on Lake Union, in the shadow of the Space Needle. We had a great time cruising around the lakes as we waited for midnight, and Jason was in seventh heaven, taking pictures of every inch of the boat. Taylor had a great time, fascinated by all the new people. He did get tired around 10pm, so I just held and rock him till the boat came back to port. Once docked, I laid him on the bed downstairs, and he slept till 1:30am. I can't believe he slept through ringing in the new year, since all the boats surrounding us started honking their horns once the new year stuck. We all stood on the front of the boat and watched the fireworks shoot off the Space Needle. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the system, and the show stopped two times, with about 5 minutes in between each part. Quite the disappointing show. Thank goodness it wasn't 2000! Everyone would have thought it was Y2K, and there would have been chaos in the streets! Thankfully there was only a little chaos.

So here's to 2008! May in be full of fun, great memories, good health, and lots of love. God bless!