Thursday, January 31, 2008


Taylor and I had our first Kindermusic class today! The theme for the first 8 weeks is "Cock-a-doodle-Moo", so it is lots of songs about farm animals. The second half will have a different theme. There were about 12 moms/nannys and babies, most about 10 months to 13 months. Taylor is one of the youngest. He loved to look at all the other kids, especially the ones walking and crawling around. Once the music started, he got really excited. We began with a hello song, which is good because we go around and sing all the babies names, so it is a good way to learn them. Then we did a little baby massage, played peek-a-boo with scarves, danced around the room (the teacher demonstrated types of dancing you can do with your baby, and when she twirled with him he looked like he was going to throw up!), banged on some music instruments, and rocked with mommy to a slow song. He was so pumped by the end of the class, he looked sad that it was over. When we got home, he was all smiles for a few hours after, jumping non-stop in his exersaucer and banging all his toys. I'm excited to have this to do with him every week. It is fun to meet other moms, let him interact with other babies, and have some fun time away from home. Can't wait for next week!