Friday, April 17, 2009

Jump Planet

Taylor and I recently went with some friends from work and their kids to Jump Planet. It is this big warehouse that is full of inflatable jump toys. During the week they are open in the morning for two different sessions, and on the weekends you can have birthday parties. This place has become a favorite for rainy days.

The first time there Taylor was very weary about the whole thing. I tried to "encourage" him to go into the bouncy house tall by himself, but he was not having it. Until, of course, I went in with him. Once I realized it was ok for me to join him on everything, he had a blast! We climbed the big inflatable slide, we ran through inflatable obstacle courses, and we jumped around in the bounce house. Taylor had a great time with his buddies Will and Luke (Taylor calls him "Gook"), and us moms got a work out with all the climbing and jumping around. The second time we went he was much more brave and was climbing and jumping all by himself! I've never heard him laugh so much! Thanks Katie for suggesting such a great activity.