Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lil' Kickers

Taylor has been having a blast in his soccer class. We started him in the bunnies class at the beginning of December, so he was about 17 months at that point. The first few weeks he was pretty shy and didn't want to do a whole lot. But slowly he started warming up to it, and now he knows the routine and is excited to go.

In the class they usually start with footwork, so they do toe touches on the ball, jump over the ball, then run around the ball. Next is running drills. The kids run from one side to the other forwards, backwards, and sideways. They usually do some red light/green light/pink light (which means you hop), and then Taylor's favorite part is kicking the bouncy balls around. Building cone towers and knocking them over is also a favorite. He usually finds some spare ones that people aren't using to make his even bigger. He is always so good about clean up, bringing his big stack of cones to the coach. Finally they bring out the big parachute, which we spin around and then sit under. The class ends with a hand stamp and team cheer.

Taylor is actually really good with dribbling, taking it from one side of the field to the other, then shooting a goal. He puts both arms int he air when he does, like he just made a touchdown or something. We actually moved him up to the next class 4 months early, partly because they do the exact same things as the younger class, but mostly because all his buddies moved up.

He is always excited to see Luke (whom he calls "Gook"), Will, and Samuel! As we are pulling into the parking lot, he starts saying "Gook, Gook!". So cute. They all give each other high fives, and run around together. Will and Luke's moms work night shift with me, so when we haven't worked the night before, we'll go and chat on the side lines, cheering for the boys. It is fun to see the dads out there, trying to keep all the kids involved in the activity or drill. We are having so much fun with it, and Taylor loves it. I'm sure this is just the beginning of many years of being a soccer mom. So cute to see him in his little uniform. I think I might have to frame it and put it on his wall. :)