Monday, April 27, 2009

Locked In

Boy, do I have a funny story for you. Definitely one I want to remember so I can tell Taylor some day and tease him about it. So yesterday we were up at the Oak Harbor dirt bike track with our neighbors and were getting ready to go. Jason was working on getting his bike in the truck, and I was making sure all our stuff was in the car. Taylor had crawled into the front seat and was hanging out there. I had the heat on pretty high because it was so cold. Well, in my hurrying, I closed the last door that was open to the car. Normally I always leave one open, just in case Taylor hits the lock button. So as I'm closing the door what does he do? He locks the doors! At first I couldn't believe what I had just done. Then I calmly started to try to figure out how to get Taylor out of the running car.

The trunk was open and the could seats fold down, but only when they are unlocked. The side with his car seat was unlocked, but we couldn't open it more than an inch. So while Jason was holding that open, our neighbor's 13 year old son tried to reach his arm up and over to the other lock release. He eventually got his arm up in there enough to get his fingers on it, but couldn't pull up and push the seat down at the same time. So then we had another guy in there to push the seat once he unlocked it.

In the meantime I was trying to get Taylor to push the unlock button. He had plans of his own though. First, he picked up Jason's cell phone and started "talking" on it. Who was he calling? AAA? Then he decided to pretend to drive the car, steering the wheel and turning on the windshield wipers/flashers/turning signal. I was tapping on the window and calling him, trying to point to the button he needed to push to unlock the door. So he came over to the window, looked at me, smiled, and tapped on the window too. He finally headed in the right direction and started pushing the button, but instead of the unlock button, he kept pushing lock...lock...lock. Finally, he picked the phone up again, turned the camera setting on, and held it up to the window, smiling at the screen and mouthing "cheese!". I had to laugh at that point because he was just so oblivious to the situation he was in. I wasn't too panicked, but I was getting nervous because the heat was on pretty high in the totally close up car.

Finally the guys got the seat in the back down and we got the doors unlocked. Taylor acted like nothing happened, and we all had to laugh. On the drive home Jason called his grandma to tell her the story, because he did the same thing to them when he was little. She had a good laugh and told him it was payback. From now on I will make sure to never close all the doors when he is in the car, but I will also make sure that the spare set is not in the glove box, totally useless. I'm bummed I didn't have my camera, too, because it would have helped paint the picture of the situation a little better. But I'm sure you can imagine how it all went down.